Questions and Answers:

1) Who is JGILS, LLC?

2) What specifically do you do?

3) What service do you provide us? Why can’t we do this ourselves?

A. We obtain and screen thousands of government  requirements daily.  We  then use our algorithms and data to provide you with only those that interest you.
B. We engage you in commercial transactions and handle the “government-ese”. Generally this means we handle all the packaging, labeling, shipment, contracting, invoicing, and securing of payment.

4) Does this mean we get a free ride?

5) We get many requests from people such as you – why should we consider you?

6) What, in your opinion, is our responsibility in an arrangement with a government reseller?

7) What is your responsibility?

8) What can we expect from JGILS in the future?

9) How can we join you?

 37159 BEN THOMAS ROAD  · SLIDELL, LA 70460  · Tel  (985)645-0739 · Fax (985)649-2069